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Hikvision DS-1260ZJ Junction Box
Hik Junction Boxes
Hikvision DS-1260ZJ Junction Box
Hik Junction Boxes

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Hikvision DS-1260ZJ Junction Box is compatible with the following IP Bullet cameras;

• DS-2CD2212-I5,DS-2CD2232-I5

• DS-2CD82XXF-EI(Z)(S), DS-2CD82X4FWD-EI(Z)(S) DS-2CD4212F-I(S) DS-2CD4212FWD-I(S) DS-2CD4224F-I(S) DS-2CD4232FWDF-I(S) 

• DS-2CD2612F-I(S) DS-2CD2632F-I(S) DS-2CD2622FWD-I(W)(S) DS-2CD2642FWD-I(Z)(S

• DS-2CD2TXX-I3/I5/I8


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