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Pyronix PTDOME-CAM/4 Indoor 2MP 4mm Lens Wi-Fi PT Dome Camera
Pyronix PTDOME-CAM/4 Indoor 2MP 4mm Lens Wi-Fi PT Dome Camera

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Real-time HD video on the move

No matter where you are, you can watch live and recorded video from your smart device, as well as control your entire Pyronix security system with the same app.

Easy setup

Simply connect the PT Dome camera to the wireless network and login to it via the smart device app and it’s ready to go.


Remotely look around the property with 180 degree pan and 75 degree tilt ability at the tip of your finger via the Pyronix app.

10m Infrared (IR) range

The PT Dome camera utilises invisible IR light via its in-built IR LED to deliver optimum and discreet coverage of indoor spaces up to 10m, even in complete darkness.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

WDR handles a wide range of lighting conditions to deliver clear video in any scene. If there is heavy contrasting light, WDR balances the lighting conditions of both the foreground and background to deliver clear images throughout.


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