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V2-GSM Speech Dialler
V2-GSM Speech Dialler

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Flexible and versatile speech dialer

The speech dialler can send out alarm voice messages or SMS messages after an activation to an input, all of which are programmable. The dialler may also be used as a normal telephone if required.

Boasting up to 14 inputs, 52 controllable outputs and fully duplex signalling, the V2GSM Speech Dialler is the ideal solution for end-users who would like total control and monitoring of their home or workplace, from anywhere in the world.


The inputs can be programmed to activate following an input state or voltage change (6).

Alarm and Restore SMS Messages

160 string SMS messages may be created for each alarm input. Restore SMS messages on each alarm input can also be created.

Alarm Voice Messages

10 second voice messages may be recorded for each alarm input. A common message of 20 seconds may also be recorded. This message will be sent together with each alarm input voice message after activation following an input alarm.

Automatic Phone Number Recognition (CLIP)

Allows the control of outputs following a call from a number without having to answer the call.

Remote control voice menu

Access the voice menu to listen in, speak in, control outputs, check the status of equipment etc.


Outputs can be used to control external devices such as vending machines, engines, emergency equipment, home alarms, gates, lighting etc. The outputs can be controlled by the keypad (V2GSM,V2TEL only), SMS CLIP (V2GSM only) or DTMF commands. (4-52).

Remote speaker and microphone

Listen and speak remotely using the built-in or remote speaker and microphone.

Sign of life test calls

This function can save the user costs on regular test calls as they will only be sent if the V2 has not made a call in a pre-programmed time frame.

Make outgoing voice calls

The keypad of the V2 can be used as an outward calling phone.

Event log

The memory log will hold the following number of events (256).

Jamming detection

The jamming detection feature enables communication of this event to the user. In order to set up this feature 2 x V2 GSMs are required: one set as a Master and one set as Slave.

Make outgoing voice calls

The keypad of the V2 can be used as an outward calling phone.

Telephone Numbers

Has the ability to dial up to nine telephone numbers upon an alarm activation – including mobile numbers which enables you, a relative or neighbour to be informed immediately of an intrusion so that the appropriate action may be taken.

Listen in & Speak in

An easy to use listen in option allows you to silently monitor your property wherever you may be. An added two-way speech feature also enables you to speak into the property through discreetly placed speakers. (Full Duplex)

Automatic forwarding of service provider SMS messages

The V2 GSM will automatically forward any SMS messages from the service provider to one of the user programmed phone numbers such as low credit or any other communication by the service provider (including low balance).


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