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At Tradecams we understand the importance of providing high quality technical support to our customers. When you buy from us it is with the assurance that you will receive the highest levels of technical support from our experienced team. Our online library of manuals, product datasheets and videos are designed so they can assist you in ease of use. If the information you’re looking for isn’t listed then please contact one of our technical support team for further help.



Hikvision software and support documents

Hikvision has gained global recognition as the worlds leading cctv equipment supplier. According to IHS Research 2014, Hikvision is:

- The largest worldwide supplier of CCTV and video surveillance equipment with 10.9% global market share (for three consecutive years).
- The world’s largest DVR provider and hardware NVR provider.
- The No.1 overall provider for all security cameras worldwide.

Choosing Hikvison ensures cutting edge technology and the best value in terms of price and performance, all our systems are backed by 3 years warranty for complete peace of mind.

Buying from CCTVTek, an official hikvision UK, sub distributor, ensures unrivalled pricing and technical support.


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